Sunday, April 25, 2010

PLN 27

In the article, Oil rig spill off Louisiana could threaten coastline from BBC News, it describes how an explosion ruined an oil rig in Louisiana. The oil rig went down in smithereens on Thursday, April 22nd. The cause of the explosion is unknown. The leak of oil, which was caused from the explosion, can possibly damage beaches, barrier islands, and wetlands across the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Over 100 workers were rescued but ten more 10 have gone missing or assumed they were killed. There was a search party but it was called off due to bad weather over this past weekend. Over 40 thousand gallons of oil per day are leaking into the sea and are harming aquatic wildlife. This is important because robot submarines have been dispatched to help contain the situation although matters can only get worse without direct human interaction towards solving this problem at hand. The severe weather is a problem but is also helping by keeping the oil away from the coastlines and causing damage to the beaches. I believe the oil companies should have stricter safety policies and stricter safety checks because of how dangerous this can become. The oil can harm more than marine wildlife, it can also cause problems along beaches and endangering humans as well. This is important to our country because it affects the amount of oil we produce for ourselves in a negative manner. This is also important to the world because the oil can continue to spill out of the rig and into the ocean killing tons of aquatic life and causing problems on the coastlines of every nation near water.

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