Monday, April 12, 2010

PLN 23

"Mobile app developers tackle Africa's biggest problems" from CNN

This article explains how African farmers are getting scammed by businessmen who are taking advantage of their ignorance to trade. African farmers are being taken advantage of by selling their crops to clients and their clients are selling the crops to consumers for a larger price, in turn making a extremely large profit. These people are ripping off these hard African workers and one person answered their cry for help, Gichamba. Gichamba has created a mobile phone app which matches up farmers queries with a database of information about local dairy markets and prices. This is making the least wired continent become more technological and more advanced than previous times of their own. Not only is this helping farmers but its helping the african people and economy. The economy could slowly rise since a lot of Africa's income comes from agriculture since they are so behind ,technologically speaking, crops take more time to grow and longer to harvest. Overall, if Africa slowly becomes more familiar with technology, they could interact with other continents, become more socially acceptable and require less help from the world.

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