Thursday, April 15, 2010

PLN 25

In the article, Inmates bilk Uncle Sam for millions, from CNN, it reveals a discovery from inside the jailhouse. An officer in Florida was going through an inmate's bed as usual checking of jail cell when he found papers, more specifically, tax forms. Not knowing what the officer was doing he turned in the tax forms to his supervisor and what he found out is that the prison inmates were planning on stealing over $1 million from the government. The whole operation was a tax scam and prison inmates were filling out tax forms with various social security numbers and birthdates. The inmates were also filling out the forms with jobs they have never had in order to get tax refunds from the government. I believe this is important for the government to be aware of because inmates are taking money from the taxpayers and the government. This could be a growing problem and could become even more serious because it is a becoming more common opon the prison inmates to fill out tax forms with false information. Investigators say this problem has been around for decades and it isn't a local issue. The prisoners would send the tax forms into the IRS and sometimes the IRS would send refeund checks straight to the jail. Usually, the prisoners get help from inside the jail to fill out the forms and to send them and promise thousands of dollars for whoever helped them.

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