Sunday, May 9, 2010

PLN 31

"shoes that generate electricity" by CNN

A video viewed from the CNN website, an astonishing new device which allows you to generate electricity from your shoes. This really thin device fits into the sole of your shoe with no discomfort. As you step onto the device, it begins generating electricity. There are no risks or dangers in using this new technology so it is completely safe.

I believe this new kind of technology can really improve the environment as a renewable source of energy which is available to everyone. The technology is called "piezoelectricity" which is certain materials combined which generates electricity when pressure is applied to it. There is a con to this though, the device is really small and can only produce very small amounts of energy. This means it is not a reliable source for electricity. Not only that but this device does not store any electricity which means you need something electronic attached to the device so the electricity generated has a place to go otherwise that energy created is wasted. Overall it is a good, short solution for a small step to saving the environment; but this device in shoes will not go any farther than charging a phone or music player device. I think this is still a good start towards a clean source of renewable energy and new ideas can be branched off this device which uses "piezoelectricity" to generate power. I hope in the near future we can use this kind of technology to power our homes and community instead of burning fossil fuels.

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