Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PLN 18

Response to Writing with Laptops by Mr. Maas

Laptops are an essential addition to the classroom in my opinion. You have programs that check your spelling and grammar, and internet which can stream endless amounts of knowledge from one portable electronic to another from almost any place at any time. Having laptops in class allows one classroom to connect with everyone in the world. Computers in class allows students to obtain a higher grade on written essays because of the neatness, perfect spelling and flawless grammar. Typing on a keyboard is faster and neater for me than writing with pen on paper and allows me to cut down on the time needed to do homework. Classes without laptops next year would be rough for me personally because using a laptop has become a daily routine for me in class everyday. Without it I would feel less involved with my class because not only does laptops allow me to write, but it also allows the entire class to interact and share with everyone else. As a student, I have changed since using laptops in class. I have improved on my writing and how I think. Instead of using a dictionary book to look up a word I use the internet. Instead of having teachers check my grammar I have use the computer.

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