Monday, February 1, 2010


No salary cap for the Major League Baseball, is that making the sport unfair to a certain extent?

"At the rate the Yankees are going, I'm not sure anyone can compete with them," Attanasio said, from the MLB website, Milwaukee Brewers owner. Other teams in the MLB feel that without team salary caps then the sport will be unfair. Salary caps prevent teams from spending outrageous amounts of money on an owner’s team. With salary caps, the sport will be leveled on a more even playing field. Most of the other sports in the professional league have salary caps such as the NFL, and the NBA. There is still an issue with the National Basketball Association is that their salary cap is known as a ‘soft cap’, which means teams can spend over the salary cap in order to maintain a player on the team. A professional sport with salary caps helps even the chances of each team of winning, making the sport more fair; although salary caps are just the start to evening sports out it can still have lasting benefits.

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