Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Are teachers underpaid in Colorado?

Teachers in Colorado are being paid too little for the services they provide. The starting salary for Colorado teachers is $35,086 a year. Teachers prepare people for the future of our world and help us understand things we wouldn’t be able to comprehend or understand without the knowledge teachers provide for us. Teachers should be paid more on average because of what they do for their students and Coloradan citizens in the United States. On average Colorado teachers are being paid $44,439. Four years in a private college costs $26,273, that’s over half of a yearly salary of the average Colorado teacher. Putting that into consideration, starting teachers, fresh out of college, are being paid about $9 thousand dollars less than the average teacher in Colorado. If you do the math, going to a private college for a teaching degree is about 74% of the teacher’s starting salary, and that’s if that private college is in-state. Teachers are paying off their college costs years after they graduate and for what the teachers do for the citizens of America they should be paid more on average.

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